Sun in 1st house



Sun is a king of solar system and most potent when compared to other planets. Due to this the native gets strong will power and attitude. These are born leaders and should avoid overshadowing others. Sun in 1st house gives lot of ego to the person. These people try to be on top always. They extremely like leadership and administration. They less care about others opinions and have dominating nature. These people try to apply the same logic in the marriage also. It is difficult for them to follow the orders of others.

      The native will be self-conscious and prefers to project a strong impact on others. If the sun is malefic the native's father may die in early childhood. Having sex in daytime is not good for wife. The partnership in business may not work well due to dominating nature. Sun in first house gives wisdom and knowledge to the native. The natives with sun in Ascendant are well matured.

Remedies for the people whose sun is in 1st house:

1) Avoid day time sex

2) Marry before 24 years

3) Read Aditya hrudayam


if you want to know your horoscope by date of birth please go through this link

Horoscope By Date of Birth

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You have a strong image of youself, you like to leave a mark, you are a good leader and innovative.

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Sun in First House

The Sun is the most significant  planet of our solar system. It is highly energetic and can be a good beneficiary if pleased.

The effects of the Sun in a person's horoscope, if placed in various houses of Astrology are briefly given below. Note that these are general effects and depending upon the actual birth chart of an individual results could be variable.

The First House  ( The Lagna or the Personal House. The Ruler is Aries):

Individual Characteristics.(4)

Due to the Sun in the first house, the following impact on personal traits, can be observed. Will be a conservative person, with will power, authority and self confidence; believing in traditions and generally of a hard working nature. Such a person will be tall and strong and can be a leader among men. Will enjoy good health, in general. He will love and respect his father. May also like to impose his will and authority over others.

The general effects with the Sun ,the king of our solar system, on the first house are

Aayasa,Vibhava na'sa,Sanchara (1)(5)

This means anyone having Sun in the first house of the horoscope has to take a lot of effort and do hard work, to get even small things done effectively and successfully. Such a person may occasionally suffer from ill health caused by his/her own hard and physically taxing work.

It is also possible that the bearer of such a birth chart will often encounter  a reduction / decrease and sometimes destruction of various types of resources one has at one's disposal. Wealth, properties, money can all be depleted and reduced  substantially.

 Frequent travel is another common experience of such a birth chart. Some of these travels could be quite futile without producing ay good results.

Compensatory action for the undesirable effects of the Sun in this house is to have a hand pump at the home of his parents to draw water(3).

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I have sun and mercury in Gemini which should give me a egotistical nature but, my Venus in cancer 2nd house won't allow me too. And mars and ketu in Aries 11th house keeps me calm and humble.


  how can i found my true birth time


My mother has sun in the first house in taurus, my parents often have ego driven battles also my dad has strong leo in chart also.


 what about sun in the 10th house?


Hey dear! my girl friend has sun in 1st house with venus in scorpio sign, aspected by jupiter in 7th house..would it pacify sun"s bad effect ( ego and dominance) ?


Thank you Man, you just helped me figured out my problems. A Virgo with the Sun in my first house. Now, I need to find a way to be conscious about this and how to change my ways and deal with it in a positive manner. Thanks again. Peace!


My sun is in the 3rd house of libra. But my ascendant is Leo. And since Sun rules leo. Does this article also apply to me or no.


This is really eye opening. I had my vedic chart done a while ago and am still getting used to it. All of my planets are in different signs now. I have Sun in Leo in the first house. Is that amplify these characteristics? Because that wouldn't surprise me at all.


(in vedic asrrology) I am a "aries" with sun and venus in the first house. 21 years old and now that i am looking back at my life i can agree that i had lots of problems with authority especially in school and work....and now that i am self employed and my own "boss" its all good. ....i find it intresting how it works. .


I don't get this, whatever you said in this article is true about my personality but my sun is in the 9th house(with Mer, Jup and Nep) not 1st and i'm an aries asc :-s


hello tarun, schin is born in virgo lagna, sun in deep exaltation in 8th house from virgo lagna.12th lord in 8th.vipreeth rajyoga. sun dasa was from 7 months to 6 year and 7 months old. he got humble and polite bevaviour( 9th lord in close conjuntion with sun. his sun is not in 1st house. actually his sun is in the 1st house of zodiac(aries) but not in his horoscope(kundaly chart)


I have sun in 1st house and I am soooo egocentric. whenever I begin working at any company, I almost immediately see myself in the top position. I usually do rise to it. I also have venus in the first house as well


i like ur articles, informative, i will use them as aids, thank you, u look like you could be a leo or a leo rising?.


Just kidding. This is very true pertaining to my personality, unfortunately. Thanks Keshav.


I have the sun in the 1st house but I don't think the top spot should be given to me for free. I have to work hard to get there (also, easy come, easy go :)) that much I've learned in life, the hard way :( But I guess it's the influence of the other planets. I'm sure I deserve the top spot though, coz I'm simply that good... and persistent LOL.


I'm really like this lol. But my elitism and superiority complex comes from my intelligence and I sometimes arrogantly look down on others.


I have Sun in 1st house and EGO and IMAGE are very important for me. But I don't have a dominating appearance, in fact I often remain unbelievably unnoticed. I have a dominating speech though, I would say my voice is my identity. I feel like a boss in my friends and yes, I hate to be dictated by my actual boss/manager as I am smarter than them :) By the way I also have Saturn and Mercury in my 1st house along with Sun. Being a Sagittarius rising , what are the effects of these two on me?


will sun in behave in same way in D9 , I have sun + mars + saturn in 1st house of pisces in D9.


I've sun in first house (along with jupiter and mercury) and in leo ascendent :), I expect respect from people. but i am quite reasonable when I set standards for myself. I'd like to reach to top but I know my strengths and weaknesses. I am not as egoistic as much egoistic as you explained.


sir, in my horoscope sun is in aries and placed in 10th house with 29 degrees and 53 min.......wats the result...its really good for me.....sir plz reply..


what will be the difference between an exalted Sun sitting in the first house and a debilitated Sun sitting in the first house? Exalted - Sun in Aries. Debilitated - Sun in Libra. What would be the difference in these cases? My guess is that the in the case of debilitated sun the person will lack confidence and not want high status job, etc


i have [mercury in 1st house] and [sun in 2nd house] , [venus and ketu in 3rd house] ,[mars and jupiter in 4th house] ,[moon in 8th house] and [rahu in ninth house] and [saturn in 9th house]..........................tell me what would be my career and my future and mariage and character of spouse i am going to get


i have saturn in aqua and my sun in pisces in 1st house..i hate it..makes me weak and nah, ego doesnt mean shit to to insecure to have one..


I have a Scorpio ascendant and sun in sag in my first house. I can never find a good description of this. Even you relate a first house sun to the ascendant. Can you help please


leo asc leo sun venus and jupiter all in first, basically i think i'm the shit but i appreciate everyone else and love them and recognize they have higher qualities and areas of brilliancy - my sun has been afflicted by pluto ;) there is nothing wrong with loving yourself, but don't get so hung up on it. loving other people is so important too, and loving other people gives you true happiness. when things happen to me, i don't think that life has wronged me, i typically assert myself and pretend that i'm bigger than the situation anyways. HAHA! i recognize authority and would rather follow orders (and call them an idiot in my head) than get fired or ruin my sparkling work image that i've worked hard to create for myself (could be venus here) the fact that i write entire paragraphs on my own chart is kind of indicative, i love talking in general and i guess expressing myself. but i have learned and accepted that i have no idea if anyone will ever read this. probably not. but sometimes!


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