Sun in 5th house



Sun in 5th house gives a person strong determination.  In a dual rasi, in a lady's horoscope, she will give birth to male twins.  A weak Sun in 5th house leads to unfulfilled dreams due to poor planning and arrogant behaviour on the part of the person.

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Sun in 5th house makes the person wise and intelligent. Afflicted or malefic Sun causes heart problem to the native. This is not a favorable position for children. If Jupiter is placed in 9th or 12th house, the enemies will be destroyed. The male child of the native will be very lucky for the native.

He / She will have good health and long life. These people are potentially creative and love to have fun in life. If the Sun is well placed either business or health will be good. If one is good other will be bad. You like to be noticed by others. The source of happiness is mainly from your artistic or creative endeavors. Here sun can give exceptional thinking capabilities and can do extremely well in education.

Remedies for Sun in 5th house:

1) Kitchen should be on the eastern side of the house.

2) Don't delay in having kids.

3) Worship sun in the morning.

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The potency of Sun will further strengthen and enhance the aspects of this house which would take the impacts in the positive appearance but some adverse effects could also appear while the majority will be hold by the positive impacts as Sun is a benefic celestial presence. 

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People who are under this 5th mercury in the future will be a very big chance to have a very high education level and will be very prominent in activities that require creativity. They will be very dominant from the people around because they are very happy to express themselves, even though it will affect its existence.

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Sun in fifth house


The Fifth House. (The House of your originality.The Ruler is Leo.):

Common Personality traits (4).

For anyone having the Sun in the fifth House of his horoscope, it will affect this person in both good and bad ways.  Such a person can be active and strong. The holder of this kind of birth chart may develop interest in artistic activities. He / She will enjoy company of friends and family. The character of a person with this type of horoscope will be generous and lavish. And you may spend money without other considerations. You will be proud and may get involved in affairs with the members of the opposite sex. Family relations may suffer as a result of such behavior patterns. If he begets a son, things will improve for him.

Common experiences of the holders of this type of horoscope are likely to be the following.


A person having such a horoscope will experience troublesome situations due to serious diseases.

Fear from and due to bad situations, enemies, adversaries, challengers and competitors will be a regular experience for such horoscope holders.

To counter and nullify the negative effects of such a birth chart one solution is to locate the kitchen of your house on the Eastern side, facing the morning Sun. This is a probable remedy to eliminate the ill effects of the Sun in this House. 


if you want to know your horoscope by date of birth please go through this link

Horoscope By Date of Birth

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