Sun in 7th house



If you are under the Sun in the 7th, then you are the one who much preferred by the people around you. Many will admire the charm that you have because it has a strong personality and be able to maintain good relationships with others. But you really do not like going to a rejection of the opinion that you submit. Another advantage of the people under the sun in 7th is they are very attentive to the problems of others and always feel wanted to help and able to face the consequences of that.

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what are the effects of Sun in 7th house astrology


The Seventh House (The house of wedded life.The Ruler is Libra):

Individual Character traits.(4)

Self flattery, arrogance are the main features of a person with the Sun in the seventh house of  his / her horoscope. Still such an individual  may become popular and a leader  among men especially in politics. No good relationship in married life for quite a few years, with frequent conflicts and quarrels; though this may not result in a divorce due to a gentle, good wife with excellent and noble character.( For women having such a birth chart ,the opposite can be taken as the interpretation). Later in life you will have a successful and enjoyable married life. You will enjoy also the wealth and social prominence brought to you by the family of your spouse.

Common life experiences.  Deenatha. Sanchara.Udarapeeda.Streevimughatha.(1)

This means you have to face and experience very pitiable and quite difficult situations.

 The holder of such a horoscope may be forced to take up travel whether desired for, necessary or not.

Will be subject to attacks  from diseases of the stomach and suffer due to that.

You will also develop anti women feelings at home, the work place and in your general surroundings. You will feel like refraining from any interactions, friendships etc. with women.( For women with such a birth chart, the opposite holds true).

A square, small gold or copper piece under the front entry steps to your house as a negative energy eliminator.


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Horoscope By Date of Birth

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Sun in 7th house is not good for matrimonial/love affairs.  The person is attracted towards the opposite sex at an early age which may prove hurdlesome in matters related to ones career.

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