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The Mras gives immense potency to the native when it is placed in 5th house. They will lead life with muscular and impulsive personality. The like to take risks and challenges. They are very aggressive in achieving whatever they want. They are sometimes possessive in their relationships and could also become jealous at times. These people fond of sports and athletics. There may be some delay in progeny. Mars in this house makes the person  playful, fun loving, outrageous .  He / She will be attracted to all the means that promise pleasure and indulgence - their pulse is also known to be easily palpable, rapid and bounding.

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Mars in 5th house is bad for temperament.  It gives easily disturbed state of mind.  Has fits of anger.  In a female horoscope this position of Mars generally results in Ceaserian child births.  A strong Mars in fifth house makes a person quick to take decisions.

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The 5th house is related to the Sun, who is a friend of Mars. Hence Mars blesses with very good results in this house. The sons of the native will help to bring wealth and fame for him. His affluence increases manifold after the birth of sons. The things and relatives influenced by Venus and Moon will prove helpful in every way. Somebody of his forefathers must have been a doctor or Vaidya.

The affluence of the native will continue to produce more and more with the growth in age. But romance and emotional affairs with the opposite sex will prove extremely tragic for the native, which will affect his psychological peace and night sleep too.

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Those born with natal Mars in the 5th House are radiating with flirtatious and charming energy; instilled with a natural seduction and generous creative flairs. Fiery Mars finds a home in Leo’s 5th House and relates to intensified and explosive energies expressed through art, personal expression and generosity. These individuals are fierce guardians over their independence and require absolute freedom to invoke their exuberance. Mars here are playful, fun loving, outrageous and attracted to all the means that promise pleasure and indulgence - their pulse is also known to be easily palpable, rapid and bounding.


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The influence in marriage will be largely centered in the problem of adjustment of sex relations, in agreement about offspring and the turbulence or emotionality of the first born. Friends of partners also tend to affect your life favorably or unfavorably. The first born child is likely to be jale, rather forceful, adventurous and somewhat uncontrollable, needing early discipline. Beware of entanglements with marital partners of your friends. The path of love tends to be somewhat stormy, and even in good aspect signifies victory only through conquest

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Mars in the Fifth House when well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative love-nature. It makes the person fond of athletic exercises, sports and muscular effort, a clean, masterful man much admired by the opposite sex or a woman who is a real "pal" to her male companion. These people make excellent disciplinarians and are much beloved by their pupils if placed in positions as teachers, or better still as principals for they make much better leaders than followers. But when Mars is afflicted in the Fifth House it makes the person very fickle in his affections. It is on with the new love even before he is through with the old, an all-around flirt and therefore likely to get into a great deal of trouble. Over- indulgence of the amorous nature is liable to sap the vitality and create dangerous physical conditions. In a woman's horoscope there is grave danger of death to a child in the horoscope of either sex. People with Mars afflicted in the Fifth House are also liable to loss through gambling and speculation in stocks, bonds and securities.

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Mars in fifth house

The Fifth House. (The House of your originality.The Ruler is Leo.):

General Traits of character.

Such persons whose birth charts indicate Mars in the fifth house are likely to take very hasty, impatient and on the spur of the moment decisions on many issues. Such a hurried decision making tendency can land these people often in trouble. However, these people are also quite intelligent and have an intense desire and ambition to win over others. And they will often achieve it also. Their competitive advantage will often make them successful. Though dominating and egoistic, they will be able to fulfill their ambitions.

Shatrubhaya, Rogapeeda, Putra dugha..

There are several ill effects if Mars get placed in the fifth house of your horoscope. You will have chances to  be constantly scared and afraid of activities by your adversaries and other persons who harbor  tendencies of hatred towards you. Diseases of the stomach, peptic ulcer, dysentery etc are likely on some occasions. Persons born with Mars in the fifth house of their horoscope are likely to suffer from intense grievous situation due to  illness of children. Such illnesses may sometimes lead to a tragic situation resulting in the loss of a child. You have to take extra care and remedial actions if Mars happens to be in the fifth house of your horoscope and please the Lord of the House with prayers.

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