Saturn in 1st house



For Cancer Ascendant:

Less comforts from parents, average wealth. Usually the native will be tall, of wheatish complexion. He will be licentious and fond of adultery issues. Seeks pleasure in life and plumpy.  Native will have limited education and knowledge . He might suffer from veneral diseases.

For Gemini Ascendant:

Might suffer from skin diseases. Childhood life will be good. He will be immoral, diseased, might be separated from wife, miserable life in the young age. Artificial relations with siblings. He will be Selfish, boastful and gets disrespect in old age. 

For Taurus Ascendant:

Average marital life and receives less comforts from wife. Will have limited education. Native will be immoral and shy.  If other aspects and yogas indicate, may not enjoy pleasures in life. Travels long journeys. Lucky with strangers and foreigners.

For Aries Ascendant:

Saturn in Aries is debilitated will make life of the native uncomfortable, unsuccessful in hopes, strained relations with life partner, loss of ancestral property. Saturn makes a person proud, unfaithful and strained relationship with mother.

For Aquarius Ascendant:

The native will have good will power and can defeat enemies. Maintains dignity. He can solve difficulties. Can easily mingle with others and have good health. mystical science. Childhood life will be happy.

For Capricorn Ascendant:

The native will be intelligent. Will get higher social status and blessed with property. Profession can be succeeded in engineering related fields. Likes journeys, good company with wealthy persons, fond of scents, long life span, victory over enemies. Usually health would be in good state. Will have good relationships with others.

For Sagittarius Ascendant:

This is one of the best position for Saturn. The person will have handful wealth and can be even millionaire. Can enjoy all comforts in life. Wife will be fruitful. Will have bright children. One of the body part might be defective. Gain through writings and learnings.

For Scorpio Ascendant:

This is the enemy house for Saturn. Native will be cruel and rash temperament. Might suffer from multiple diseases. Artificial relationships with siblings. Face troubles from enemies and loss of money. Gain through land and property.

For Libra Ascendant:

Saturn is a Yoga karka for Libra ascendant and it is exalted in Ascendant. This is very favorable position. Will be blessed with good habits, wealth and lucky. Gain through land, property. In the middle age he might have illegal affairs and unhappy. 

For Virgo Ascendant:

This is the friendly house. So receive comforts and seeks respects from others and fortunate. Middle part of life may have some worries. Gains from siblings. Will have higher position in government jobs and kingly life. May have multiple love affairs.

For Leo Ascendant:

This enemy position for saturn. It may not give favorable results. Native will have less or no progeny. Suffer from diseases. Trouble in marital life. Native will be quarrelsome and have many enemies and quarrelsome. Face problems with servants.


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The First House  (The Lagna or the Personal House. The Ruler is Aries):

Normal Personality traits.

Saturn in the first house of a horoscope makes a person highly organized and self disciplined. These persons will be hard working and will take continuous and persistent efforts to achieve their objective. They are likely to be very obstinate and secretive in nature. Though of a shy and patient nature, they want to have recognition and approval for their efforts.

Vishagni bhaya, Dooradesa gaman, Bandhu Dhana na'asa, Rogarishtatha, Maranabhaya..

A bad ( can't be worse) position for Saturn in your birth chart. You have constant and regular  fear and a feeling of getting scared by fire and poison. There are  numerous occasions  in your life, when such emotions will threaten you to the core. You could also be forced to take up journeys and long distance travel whether you like it or not.  However it could give you better than hitherto career wise prospects. Your relatives will suffer and financial situation will get depleted, become worse than before and personal suffering and tension will be the results. Suffering due to sicknesses, chronic health problems may also be experienced by the holder of a horoscope where Saturn gets placed in the first house. Fear of death also will be a prevalent feeling across the board throughout life.

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