Saturn in 3rd house



Third house represents communication and media industry. This house reflects how effectively we communicate with others. Saturn in 3rd house makes you to do mistakes. You will learn or realize things by doing mistakes. Saturn doesn't like imaginations. It shows what is reality. It gives you true happiness. It gives true problems.

Saturn likes restrictions, discipline, hard work and orders. Because of Saturn in 3rd house, Your attachments with your siblings will be limited. You will communicate less with them. Because Saturn is a slow moving planet, you are not sharp. You will learn things step by step. You will follow the slow and steady wins the race approach.

As Saturn moves slowly, your learning process will be lifelong. You may have good writing skill. Saturn in third house makes you a good writer or novelist. Because novels requires lot of patience and requires lot of time to spend. Saturn in 3rd house makes you fearful person. It affects your will power. You will develop negative thinking. It causes unnecessary worries.

Saturn in 3rd house aspects 5th,9th and 12th house. You will receive less guidance or suggestion from your father or teacher. You may have lot of breaks in education. You will receive your degree or phd at very late stage. These people don't like to work in the team. Due to this it is not advised to work in partnership business. They have individual business. Because Saturn aspects 5th house, it limits your love life and romance but not marriage. You have limited or no girl friends or boyfriends.


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The Third House. (The House of your capabilities.The Ruler is Gemini.):

Personal features and traits

Saturn in  the third house of a horoscope makes the bearers of such birth charts quite serious minded. They will also be highly practical with very good powers of observation. Such people will like to deal with actual facts and figures and not depend on any kind of fiction or guesswork. Such caution and care may create delays in their decision making process; however the ultimate result will be good. Such persons also may not have had the chance for a good education at an young age,this may make them a little pessimistic in their approach to life.

Mahisha gaja labha,Dhana,Aarogya,Abhishta sidhi,krishi vardhana.

This is a position in which Saturn showers blessings in various ways to the horoscope. The person will be provided with various types of vehicles ,means of transport and agriculture related impediments, tools and equipment. Plenty of money, wealth and resources  to the horoscope is another blessing which can be enjoyed. Also he/she will become healthy and strong as well as free from any type of chronic diseases. Yet another very positive effect of Saturn in the third house is that whatever one desires will be satisfied and become easily achievable. In matters related to farming and agriculture related activities, there will be all round progress and enhancement of yield from properties.

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