Saturn in 4th house



 For a cancer ascendant, if the Saturn is exalted it may not give its full results. How is this possible even if its lord of eighth house?

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4th house indicates the comforts you have in life like car, house, AC..etc. 4th house represents your lands, your home lands and your house structure. It also represents your middle school education. Because Saturn is symbolic for iron, steel and constructions, you ma become a good real estate builder. 
This house tells your relationship with your mother. Because Saturn likes discipline, you have a strict mother who dictates to you what is right and what is wrong. Fourth house is one of the kendras according to vedic astrology. So it is one of the strongest positions of the birth chart. Here Saturn makes you to be a strong person. You give values to home. For a cancer ascendant, if the Saturn is exalted it may not give its full results. Because Saturn rules 8th house which is unpredictable. 8th house is the karaka of sudden events, accidents. You may have comforts when Saturn dasha come but still a lot of ups and downs you need to face. 
Education wise Saturn does good job here. Because it is in kendra house, it gives strong personal foundation to stand in life. These people may go into medical or politics. When Saturn is in 4th house it aspects 6th,10th and the ascendant. In your home land you will be well know person or will be popular. Because Saturn is aspecting 6th house these people can win over enemies. If the Saturn is debilitated here, you will become lazy. You will be in some mechanical profession or construction work.


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The fourth house. (The house of your personal dwelling place.Your childhood and old age are also covered by this house.The Ruler is Cancer):

Individual characteristics.

People born with Saturn in the fourth house of their horoscope are likely to be highly devoted to their families. Such persons may have had to take early responsibility on to their young shoulders due the early loss of their father. These people will remember to help in old age all those who might have assisted them during their formative years of struggle in life. These persons may not express all their feelings openly ,but they will plan well for security and independence.

Mano kudilatha, Swajana viraha,Kalaha,Anyadesa vasa,Sukhavirodha.

A person born with such a horoscope( Saturn in the fourth house) will have the following experiences. He/ She will be mentally crooked and can resort to cunning and vile, malicious  behavior. He/ She will have to pass through separation from the spouse, children and other close relatives( parents and siblings). Quarrels, conflicts and contradiction with people all around, neighbors will be a regular feature in the life of such a person. Long distance travel, staying, working at far off places and foreign countries are also the likely results from such a horoscope. In general, it will be an unhappy life with pangs of separation from dear and near ones, personal vileness of character, quarrelling tendencies etc.

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