Saturn in 11th house



Saturn is also known as Shani.


People born with Saturn in the 11th House would:


  1. Would have dreams and high hopes
  2. They are very dedicated in whatever path they choose
  3. They would fight whatever obstacles are put before them
  4. They would excel both professionally and socially
  5. They would become very affluent type of people
  6. They have a lot of endurance and patience
  7. They develop good close relationsips with those around them such as co-workers or team mates
  8. Personal relationships such as a spouse or love interest are just a few
  9. They have many friends as they are helpful type of people
  10. They do not get involved in frivolous situations
  11. They do not share their personal lives with others
  12. They prefer to remain aloof
  13. They need their own space


On the negative side because they are so determined to succeed they can be deceitful in order to achieve their goals. 

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The Eleventh House (The house of Ambition& Desires. The Ruler is Aquarius):

Those who are born with Saturn in the eleventh house will have a tendency to have only a few and selected but long lasting friendships. These people may have high aspirations ambitions and hopes to succeed in life. They will encounter delays in their activities and will generally get slow and delayed progress only in achieving their determination. They may also get victimized by unscrupulous people, adversaries and competitors.

Anyastree sambhoga, Dhanadhanya la'abha,Prathapa sakthi.

Saturn in the eleventh house takes you to undesirable situations. It provides you opportunities to have close and intimate relations and encounters with other women( other than your spouse: For women who has Saturn in the eleventh house it will be men other than their spouses). Saturn in this house often gives financially comfortable situations and you may be described as a wealthy person. Provided with financial power and other resources, you may get leadership of men and powerful, authoritative positions in life.


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Horoscope By Date of Birth

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