Venus in 1st house



Venus in the 1st house makes person good looking, blessed with beautiful eyes, happiness, with long life span. In other words the person knows that he is handsome or beautiful. He can handle the things very smoothly and attractively. This is always needed in order to receive desirable response from others. The world treats him as a thing of beauty or sensible person. Natives who have Venus in the first house always feels that beauty or attractiveness is important for them.

Venus in 1st house makes the native handsome, long life, good taste and can attract the opposite sex very easily. Life partner may suffer from diseases or ill health. The person is interested in having sexual relations with anyone. Such a person is generally likes romance and longs for love and illegal relationship with other women. He gets married before he starts earning money. Such a person have good administration skills and can be a leader of persons of same age group, but leading the family members causes several family troubles. Such a person gains profits through the trade of clothes. These people have belief of god and will be spiritual. When Venus comes in 7th house in Varsha phal, they may suffer from chronic disease. 

Venus in the 1st house makes the natives childhood life very happy. They will have soft behavior and everybody likes these people. They like arts, enjoy music and all kind of pleasures.

This is one of the lucky position since it makes the person very attractive to all with whom he or she comes in contact and due to this they achieve success in life. It is also very good for the general health.

With Venus in the First House you can make fun environment where ever you go. You know how to encourage and appreciate others. You will never get angry until the other person is very harsh. You can always have good peace of mind and away from worries.

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The First House  (The Lagna or the Personal House. The Ruler is Aries):

Personal traits and characteristics.

Those people born with their birth carts showing Venus in the first house will generally be of a lovable and loving disposition. they will be very jovial and  life-loving persons. In general these persons will be handsome with an amicable temperament. Very easy to mingle with ,persons having such birth charts are socially successful n life and will have a lot of friends.  They have a tendency to take very good care of their personal well being, dress and appearance. These individuals have a sympathetic attitude and normally very cheerful too. However they could be very lazy to a fault and quite often indulgent and may go after a luxurious life style.

Ashana saukarya,Vishesha vastra labha.

Venus in the first house will make sure that all persons who are born with such a horoscope will not suffer from lack of food. In fact such a person will always be given facilities and circumstances to enjoy good and quality food. He / She will also get plenty of good quality, expensive dresses, jewelry and apparel.

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Perfect explanation. Venus is in my first house and Lagna (Aries) with Moon. At 66 years now I am thankful to almighty for to be so blessful to me .

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