Rahu in 2nd house



Second house in astrology represents speeches, family, food and wealth. If a benefic Rahu is in second house, the person will be very rich, will have rich life partner or receive assets from their partner. Will have kingly life and receive comforts. They can enjoy all tastes of food. They will be good at speaking. Can influence people. They will become politicians. These people will have strong sexual desires.

This is one of the auspicious place of Rahu especially for money matters. They will succeed in business. They can double their investments. If Rahu is malefic in second house, gives financial ups and downs. Will have problems related to throat.

Rahu in second house makes the person very harsh spoken. These people always try to achieve higher status in the society. They are belonged to very unusual family. Their attitude towards family is different. Rahu in second house makes the person very lier. Second house also represents food and our taste towards food. These people like to eat meat. Rahu in second house makes the person to live in foreign land.

If a malefic Rahu in 2nd house, the person will be very poor and will have bad family life. Suffer from many diseases. He will suffer from disease of mouth or face and intestine. These people will have long life. Lacking restraint in spending money or using resources.

Rahu in 2nd house people receive money from unauthorized sources. Will have legal problems. They will have lot of enemies. They will receive disfavor from the government. Will get bad smell from mouth. These people will have lot of troubles and worries. They lose money through disputes.


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