Rahu in 3rd house



Third house represents arts, communication, media, writing skills, marketing and business. Rahu in third house is auspicious. This is one of good position for Rahu. These people have good courage, strong determination and gains. They will have business attitude. This position is good for people who are in the field of business. These people know the sense of others and can attract others with their words. 

If the Rahu in third house is benefic, the person will be good at communication. He can achieve success in business, media, arts and poetry. This person will have log life and good wealth. Achieves gains from others by their communication. Rahu in third house make the person mentally very strong.

Rahu in third house makes the person spiritual. They believe in god and will have strong beliefs about religion. These people are in general intellectual and will have higher education. These people will have less harmony and selfish. They will have cunning nature about relationship. They always try to get something out of that.

These people can express their feelings very clearly and can influence others. They can fill positive environment over the people. Rahu in third house gives good health and wealth. These people will have very less patience. So they always try to achieve things in an unusual manner.

If the Rahu in third house is malefic, they will face troubles in communication and expressing feelings. The relationship with siblings is not good and will have very less education. Here Rahu gives many worries and mental troubles. They try to break laws and do illegal things. Usually magicians, pickpocketers and thieves will have this position.


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