Rahu in 4th house



Rahu in the 4th house provides abrupt gains both from real estate and usually it gives troubles in relationships with siblings. It makes the person to suffer from chest and stomach disease. 

Native will have good wealth but would spend according to his own wishes. He may receive money from uncles, in-laws or money/wealth would earn money from the marriage day. He will become a Minister or could reach higher levels in Govt.

This is Moon's house. So that it is an enemy of Rahu. When Rahu is well placed in this house the native would be intellectual, wealthy and will spend money for necessary things. Daily going to temple would be beneficial for him. If Venus is also well placed then after marriage the person's in-laws will also become rich and the person will also get benefit from them.

If Moon is exalted the person will become very rich and will get benefit from the works or relatives associated with Mercury. If Rahu is in bad position or malefic and the Moon is also weak then the person will suffer from lack of wealth and poverty and person's mother will also suffer. Collecting char coal, altering toilet, installing oven in the ground and alteration of the roof in the house would be indicative of malefic. 


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