Ketu in 1st house



The First House   (The Lagna or the Personal House. The Ruler is Aries):

Traits of character

People having Ketu in the lagna /first house of their horoscope are likely to be highly charged, ardent and very intense in their outlook. They are likely to be very attractive and magnetic persons with a dynamic, energetic attitudes. They will normally like a spirit of adventure and may take up travel for that purpose. These birth chart holders are likely to be self sufficient and highly reliant on themselves. They are basically loners with a high degree of strength and relentless in their pursuit of their chosen aims. Their ways are inscrutable to others. They may also possess a ruthless character.

There will be problems  and obstacles on all important matters such as employment, job, career prospects, family life, children's affairs such as school admissions etc. It is quite possible that you will have frequent health problems and illnesses. Consequently there will be mental stresses and physical strains. Your enemies will able to constantly trouble you and create difficulties in your way. This could be in both career and family related issues.

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