Ketu in 2nd house



The Second House (The  House of your wealth and properties.The Ruler is Taurus):

personal traits

People having Ketu in the second house of their horoscope are normally seen to be high risk takers to achieve their objectives. They have a diversified approach and tackle the same issues through different methods. There life is subjected to many changes in career etc. Such horoscope holders are also obsessed with a desire for wealth and  possessions. These people are also quite resourceful in their investments and normally get  high returns. In general, they will also be quite selfish and highly unscrupulous in nature.

This is not a good house for Ketu to be in. You are likely to encounter various types of sufferings. Anger, displeasure and irritating words from people in authority is a general experience in this case. Fear from thieves, fire will be experienced. Such fears may become real and thefts and fire may take place in your dwelling and/or work places. Your enemies will become a regular source of irritation, nuisance and trouble. The mind will not be at peace but be constantly troubled by conflicting and contradictory emotions and feelings. People around you in the family, neighborhood, community, places of work will be inimical to you leading to undesirable experiences.

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