Ketu in 4th house



The fourth house.( The house of your personal dwelling place.Your childhood and old age are also covered by this house.The Ruler is Cancer):

Personalty traits

Persons born with Ketu in the fourth house are dynamic, very intense and energetic.  For such horoscope holders, the family may become a dominating influence in life. Their later life is secluded ,will be lonely though comfortable. These persons will feel responsibility for their close relatives, family members and will look after them. They may suffer from the loss of close people and subsequently undergo emotional turmoil.

Dussanga,Udara roga,Jwara,Rakthasrava.

There are several ill and negative effects if Ketu get placed in the fourth house of your horoscope. You will have chances to fall into bad, undesirable and dangerous companionship unless you take extreme precautions against it. Diseases of the stomach, peptic ulcer, dysentery etc are likely on some occasions. Can also be subjected to different kinds of fever, typhoid etc are likely to trouble you quite a bit. Bleeding of internal organs, non stoppage of bleeding due to external wounds can also hurt you. You have to take extra care and remedial actions if Mars happens to be in the house of your residence and please the Lord of the House, the sign of Cancer.

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