Aries man and Gemini woman Love Compatibility



Aries man and Gemini woman compatibility


Aries and Gemini, in love is a match to be sought after. The two stars enjoy a great relation at not only physical level but also at an emotional one. Both of them share the same thoughts that communication and understanding is the core of a relationship. Aries being an initiator has the tendency to jump into projects and plans while Gemini who by default is a thinker, forces Aries to be not impulsive. Its authoritative nature that might have demeaned any other star is a source of attraction for Gemini.

Both Aries and Gemini understand the importance of a healthy fight. Aries needs it for its impulsive and domineering nature while Gemini requires a fight to stimulate its thinking process. Their fights can end up being an inspiration or a flame that might lead to an early demise of the relationship.

The Planet of Mars and the fire element makes Aries thirsty for excitement, whereas the planet of Mercury allows Gemini to let communication lead the way of the relationship. As for the element of Air which surrounds Gemini, allows it to keep up with the wildness and impulsiveness an Aries brings to the relation.

Their low level of competition is another great dynamic of their love affair. As the cardinal sign of Aries makes it yearn for glory; Gemini being a mutable sign is happy sitting behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Their ability to work as a single-unit, to move forward without blaming each other and their desire to succeed, allows their relationship to flourish!


Aries and Gemini can be creative partnership in Romance. The love which they show on each other is outstanding. To have sweet sex you need to have love on each other. Otherwise it will be so mechanical. In bed, these couple gained good marks. Because aries man has good libido and drive there will not be any problem when it is coming to romance. Gemini woman knows how to attract aries man. 


Aries and Gemini will have energetic and dynamic parenting. They know what their kids want and how to fullfill their desires. Kids also will enjoy spending time with thses parents. Gemini mother will make sure that she is giving enough time for kids. Aries father will give good support to the kids. 

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Gemini is a third zodiac sign. Lord of Gemini sign is Mercury.  Because Gemini is air sign you may be very imaginative.  Gemini is green colored and masculine sign. They will be very courageous in life. They will have dynamic personality. The native will have extraordinary speaking abilities and communication skills. Words are weapons to these people. They can take right decision at right time. This is another weapon to them. They have attractive personality and attitude. Everybody likes to take them as a role model.

You are very fortunate if you get wife whose zodiac sign is Gemini. She gives good suggestions in your life. The people who born in Gemini sign take independent decisions. Their nature is thoughtful and adaptable. They are generally soft-spoken.  They can work consistently without any fatigue. They are fond of sex. Because this sign indicates twins they exhibit dual nature.  They are good at multi taking means ability to do more than one work at a time. They have a great desire to earn money, name, fame and status.  The native will have long arms and legs. Eyes will be shining. They may be in the profession of writers, journalists, professors and teachers.

Gemini-born are rational and practical by nature.  One of the greatest strength they have is ability to think clearly and communicate effectively. Diseases related to lungs and nervous may cause some inconvenience. It is better to do blood tests more often. They have wide range of knowledge on almost all areas. So they can speak effectively on any given topic.

The native will experience the world of their own. They tend to be generous with their friends. They are inconsistent and superficial. They have multiple personalities. They are very emotional when it comes to love. They need deep connections. Geminoid is very good at articulating new ideas. They will make sure that their children are getting proper nourishment. Usually they have very long life. Gemini people are very diplomatic in their career.


I am a Gemini woman 30 years old, I will take care of things and people whom I like . Aries are the pople who draw my attention but I always feel like they don’t express everything out. I had a friendship with many aries people and most of them are cheaters. So that is why I lost trust on Aries. It is too difficult to understand the mentality of Aries and it takes very long period to understand. I try to drive into the hearts of others whom I am associated with. Aries people like competition but they do not like to receive competition from others. 


i am Gemini woman and i have been with my arian man for more than two years. Our relationship is fruitful and impressive. He’s king in romance as i like the true musculine qualities that is what meakes me feel energetic. Some times we may quarrel for small things but it is all fun. I can agree that aries man is an extravagant.


I am a Gemini woman married to an Aries man for 10 years. In my personal experience he was not romatic ever so i can't accept the facts that Aries are by default Romantic. Recently i met a Libra man. I found him as a more romantic and attractive. But i don't want to lose the commitment with my man but expecting some sort of spice in life. 


I have been in relation my aries man for 10 months now. I have dated with many men but none of them found to be attractive. But it is true that Aries man won my heart and still i have the same exicitement even after 10 months. We share and speak most interesting things and our companionship is exiciting. He is a special person to me. He makes me feel very comfortable and secured, that is what gives me full strength and confidence. I trust him and believe everything what he says but i do ask questions. I wish my relation continues in the same ways how it is now. 


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