Ketu in 5th house



The Fifth House. (The House of your originality.The Ruler is Leo.):

personal traits

Ketu in the fifth house of a horoscope makes the bearers very arrogant, overconfident and with a tendency to follow their whims and fancies wherever it may lead them to. These persons will also have artistic and creaive mind. You have also a high sense of responsibility for family, spouse etc. You may continue to keep old feelings of anger and hatred.

Shatrubhaya rogapeeda putra dugha

There are several ill effects if Ketu get placed in the fifth  house of your horoscope. You will have chances to feel afraid your adversaries, competitors and those who have bad feelings about you.

Diseases of the stomach, peptic ulcer, dysentery etc are likely on some occasions. Can also be subjected to different kinds of grief and deep agony etc are likely to trouble you quite a bit. This may be due to the disease or death of a son or a child.You have to take extra care and remedial actions if Mars happens to be in the house of your residence and please the Lord of the House, the sign of Cancer.

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