Ketu in 6th house



The Sixth House (The house of your personal well being. The Ruler is the Virgo):

traits of character

Ketu in the sixth house of a birth chart provides one with an intense power of concentration. Such people will make sure that they get the planned results. They may resort to overwork and will become experts in medicine. They may also be gifted in the healing arts.Your sincerity may inspire others to follow your example. Dissipation of your energy levels may occur due to overstrain in work.

Swarna,Thamrapatra labha,Bandhukalaha,Manobhaya.Vidualviyoga.

Mars in the sixth house brings up the following good and positive results. You get  vessels made with gold as also special medicinal items. There will be conflicts and quarrel with close relatives. There will be fear in the mind, mental tension etc due to unknown reasons and worry. You will feel separation from your teachers, gurus and  other scholars who have been, mentoring you and advising you on difficult situations.

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