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Astrology is a planetary based system which is developed based on planets and their movements and placements. People have identified different behavioural patterns and gave different behaviours to different planetary. Associated these behaviours to different planets like Sun is for leadership qualities, Moon represents mind, Mars represents brothers, Mercury represents intelligence, Jupiter represents knowdledge, Venus represents entertainment, Saturn represents servents..etc. There are total of 9 planets and 12 houses in vedic astrology. 

Vedic astrology is a moon based astrology. First lagna (Ascendant) will be identified based on date of birth. After that planetary positions will be determined based on lagna. Many people follow astrological suggestions before starting a business or before getting married or before constructing or buying new house. It is believed that some time in a day is good and some time in a day is bad. That is the reason almost many marriages happen at specific time. In vedic astrology it is called Muhurtha. This time is decided based on the planetary positions at that time. Each planet has it's own strong position and weak position. Planet which is placed in a strong position genreally does good. Another important concept of vedic astrology is vimsottari dasa. Vimsottari means 120. Each planet rules human for some time period. This is called maha dasa. During this period that planet's influence will be more than other planets. Again this maha dasa is divided into different anthar dasa. Each anthardasa again ruled by different planets. Lagna lord and Rasi lord are important in horoscope becase these planets influence the native more.  If you want to know your astrology by date of birth you can enter your birth details in the above fields. The birth time is in 24 hrs format.



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