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Aries Horoscope

Aries Horoscope Personality traits

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle; it lies between March 21st and April 20th, and the symbol is a ram. Fire governs this sign, and it defines a lot of the characteristics of the Aries man or woman. 

The Aries people have vigorous and powerful characteristics, and they always strive their best to achieve their goals. The Aries man is bold, fiery, spontaneous and independent. He is muscular, is in touch with his inner child and tends to be adventurous and fun loving. The Aries woman is enthusiastic, eager and always at the front in all she does.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, so one has to be ready to defend yourself when in an argument with her.  

The first of all the signs, Aries is one of the fastest ones as well. They are known to be full of energy and power and that energy translates into a lot of action for them. They are linked with the planet of Mars, a planet that is indicative of power and action. 

Some of the traits of Aries people include:

  • They are born to be great leaders.
  • They are very daring, and they don’t spend time analyzing what consequences are there in various situations.
  • They have a sense of adventure, and they love enjoying different experiences in their life.
  • They are go- getters and very aggressive in all they do. They will work till the job is completed without feeling stressed or tired. 
  • They tend to dominate above other people whose status is lower than them, and this could harm their reputation.

These enthusiastic individuals make up their mind to accomplish something, they are ready to do whatever it takes to get there. Along the line, it is often noticed that when their intense approval for something backfires, they lose interest on the thing just as quickly as they had it. With this, it can be said that no one starts something like a man born with the Aries zodiac sign but when it comes to consistency and endurance, this is where Aries fail. Aries accepts tasks that no one with the other signs would accept willingly, they are high spirited individuals, energetic and optimistic.

Aries persons are known to react physically to almost everything that comes their way and has a way of making them over bearing and dominating in anything they do. Despite what they feel, they find it easy to let go of the most frustrating things and so is anger. Because of this ability common to the Aries, they’re lovable even though they’ve been through their worst moments. They are passionate in nature, emotional and for this reason, they are liable to make strong reactions. Others are most flattered by the loving nature of the ram, however, these people are easily turned off by the impatient and impulsive nature of the Aries.

They are highly courageous, charismatic and friendly, they are extraordinary leaders if only their impatient nature could allow them master the needed focus in leadership. For the Aries, their most failure comes in such areas as concentrating their focus on a particular task for a long period of time. Their interest on something wears off easily and this has a negative effect on the growth of their career. They are ok with experimenting and this leaves them nowhere else but the wrong places.

For every weak Aries, there is a strong and active ones with the tendency to bite off more than they can chew. They are so careful that before taking anything out, they wonder if they can replace it just as it were. Active aries require a lot of motivation from others if they are to excel in any task and when these motivations don’t come, they blame others for not being there to support and encourage them.

Lifestyle of the Aries:

Aries Personality Lifestyle

Physical appearance

Aries are usually energetic and strong as long as their surrounding is smooth. A very distinct physical feature of an Aries is their nose. No matter what the shape or size, it usually stands out and it is the prominent feature of the face. They love blue and bright colors and their sense of fashion can be alarmingly eccentric and sometimes distracting.


They are always optimistic about situations of life. When you really need the people with action don’t hesitate to call on the Aries, they are full of youthful attitude with sense of accomplishment of their set goals. They can be over ambitious to their set goals and do anything possible to get what they want even when it comes to relationship. They crave for attention and love being in the limelight anywhere they find themselves.  They are short tempered and can spend extravagantly which can leave them without savings.


The Aries are action freak so they enjoy activities such as car race, bike race etc.  However, such activities lead to severe injuries in their head that is why it is advisable they wear a helmet when engaging in such. Particularly, Aries usually have issues with their head such as frequent headaches, injury on the head, migraines. They also usually have issues with kidney stones, liver disorder, indigestions etc. As an Aries, you need to be careful with unhealthy diet and most especially be very mindful of your head.


An Aries prefer hot and spicy food which should be avoided so as to help them fight acidity. They should go for food that will help the condition of their liver such as cucumber, lentils, green and leafy vegetables, dry fruits like nuts and apricots, olives, lots of fruits like orange, apple, and banana. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, curd, and buttermilk will increase their calcium intake.

Sense of beauty

If you are an Aries, I am pretty sure you will have a bold sense of style and fashion with hate of boring conservative look. You will be very creative and love experimenting with your looks. You will often be seen wearing red with stylish and fashionable clothes. The Aries Zodiac sign rules the head so, any headgear usually enhances their look, for example, putting on hair bands, hair clips, hair pins, hat etc. And as far as makeup is concerned, they never let go of their red lipstick.

Love & Relationship:

Aries Personality Love and Relationship

The Aries people are very passionate in their relationships, and they tend to be enthusiastic, strong willed and tempestuous lover. They are compatible with a person who will respect their needs for freedom and independence. These characteristics may be too much, and it may be too appealing and terrifying to some people of other zodiac signs hence they will not have a smooth relationship.

At the beginning of a relationship, they enjoy the chase, and if they want to be with someone, they will pursue them passionately which may be scary at times. They are impatient, so they will want to make impressive gestures to their partners. Dating an Aries man is very fun because he is an adventurous and exciting lover. They have a high sex drive, and they require a lot of physical contact in their relationship.

When there is a misunderstanding, the tempers rise, which may not be a lovely site. Their anger will go down after a while, but there will be some damage done. Therefore, they need partners who will understand their emotional outburst and have a thick skin to tolerate their behavior. The compatible people with Aries are the Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius as they also love an adventurous and active love life. They are not compatible with Capricorn, Virgo, and Scorpio as they cannot mask their insecurities and forgive their emotional aggressions. An Aries and Aries relationship may not be compatible because they would be competing with each other and would like to be independent of each other.  

The Aries woman is very passionate, a seducer in the game of love, so her partner has to have strong characteristics that match her personality for the relationship to last. She needs a man who will go ahead of her in every aspect. 

Another interesting thing about the Aries is their love for their beloved. They are less romantic than any other zodiac sign, but when they finally find the love they seek, they’re ready to do whatever it takes to keep the love. This however depends on how willing the beloved.



Aries Personality Career


Aries, as a fiery sign, tend to take charge in most situations. This is why Aries are best suited for positions of leadership. They can go into business and climb up the ladder to become CEO of a company eventually. They are active thinkers who like to do as much as possible so being a CEO or a leader in any field is actually a good job for them. Because they have so much energy such a high profile job will keep them well- occupied and happy. 


When it comes to this profession, a surgeon is the best choice. Aries have a strong personality and enjoy responsibilities. So using a surgical knife is something that will appeal to their nature. They can also withstand the sight of blood and body parts! Medical emergencies also require quick, bold action which is another thing Aries are good at. 

Armed forces

Aries often have an aggressive and a fearless nature. It makes them good soldiers who can show courage in the face of war and death. This can turn into a rewarding career for them. Alternatively, police and firemen are also good jobs keeping these traits of Aries in mind. 


For those Aries who love thrilling action, sports and adventure is a good choice. They can look into martial arts, racing, mountaineering and other such thrilling sports. 


Aries Personality Parenting

For all their fieriness, Aries also have a tender side to them and they make great parents. 

Aries are generally not very expressive of their emotions but they, like all other parents, also love their children unconditionally and would do anything for them. They can be strict as parents and do not spoil their children. They want their children to be strong and the ‘tough love’ act can be common with Aries parents. 

Aries father

This is the fun father! He is the one with the sense of adventure and there is never a dull moment with an Aries father. However, Aries father can also be pretty strict and controlling. They are extremely protective of their kids; they are probably one those fathers who keep a gun in their hand when the date of their teenage daughter shows up!

Aries Mothers

These are the independent super moms who have everything under control. Maybe a little too much control! Nevertheless, Aries make wonderful, hardworking moms whose kids are always well looked after and deeply loved. They will hug and kiss their kids but their kids know when they cross a line, they will be grounded for a week or so! Aries moms can be also be a little competitive but they, like all moms, just want to do the best for their children. 



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