Pisces man and Cancer woman Compatibility



Both are water signs, which make the union between the Pisces man and the Cancer woman a natural one. The male fish and the female crab are fascinated by each other automatically, as she supports his goals and vision and he offers her constant stability. This natural union of Pisces male and Cancer woman can go to higher level.

Cancer woman have their priorities very clear from starting, her family always comes first and then at the next chain of prominence to it very closely stands money. She is a lady with robust intellect and emotional waves all at once. Miss Cancer will be very compassionate towards everybody and intends to sort out all the visible problems. She is a loyal partner in a relationship, who will go to any extent to pamper her mate with plenty of caring and aid in all aspects of life.

Pisces man is always very tolerant and loving towards his soul mate which is a mark of a strong character. Mr. Pisces easily binds his lady with his tactful delicate approach and charm and. He is a very remarkable and up to mark person in true manner with kindhearted emotions and a sharp mind. Pisces man has his own dream world and dreams that he nurtures profoundly. 

Both of them are sensitive and emotional. Pisces is watery mute similarly Cancer is also watery but cardinal. Both of them share trine (an aspect of 120° - one third of a circle) position in the zodiac. In other words it is an auspicious axis. As both are sensitive and imaginative to each other’s feeling, a strong physical-chemistry subsists between the two of them. Both of them possess a distinct intuitive thoughtful process and mutual respect. Their union grows further with devotion. Miss Cancer is committed to home and transforms her environment so serene that it immediately provides satisfaction and peace to her mate.  Pisces man simply falls in love with the idea of tamed quality of his partner. This feeling of passion and love takes their relationship to greater heights. The sensitive and passionate warmness is more than what Cancer woman can handle to flow with it and relish the memorable instants of life that she always thrived for.

Both of them have a strong urge to be with each other’s company and make their union a memorable experience which is comprised of all the flavors of admiration and love and for their partner. Once they are completely aware of their unison and love, the relatively minor differences between their strong personalities is nothing to worry about since they are complimented by them and trivial falling-outs are easily compromised, 

They rare experience of joy of not just giving or just receiving over the sexual union but giving each other the present of total contentment. 

For the Pisces man and Cancer woman, Mood swings is definitely an issue that both of them needs to deal with without ignoring it at all. Pisces man look for relief in meditation, which annoys her since he won’t be expressing or confiding in her frequently. The next matter is Money where both needs some synchronization, Pisces male needs to take a more realistic and practical approach towards money and understand the worth of his own hard earned money. Whereas Cancer woman must exercise caution and attempt her best to be a bit more generous with money matters. What chains them from revealing their deepest thoughts is their trait of a strange need for safeguarding their own secrets and past memories. Somehow it becomes possible to deal with the immediate problems in their relationship with the sense of humor exhibited by her and the tolerant attitude of him.


They can truly connect with each other without the need of words just like the true love birds as both are spiritually and emotionally a good match for each other. A fine balance needs to be made between stability and excitement, and this could make them have one of the top pairing of the zodiac chart.

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Pisces man and Cancer woman compatibility

Is there anything harder than finding one’s soulmate? Most people would say there isn’t…that is if you don’t know where to look. That’s right, believe it or not, we tend to overlook one fundamental aspect when seeking for our significant other: our zodiac signs. Opposed to common belief, you can ensure a successful relationship by, among other things, making sure your partner and you have compatible signs. On this occasion, we will go through a guaranteed success when it comes to relationships: Pisces Man and Cancer Woman. 

Why do these two work?

The answer to this question is actually very simple: they’re both water symbols. Being Pisces a fish and Cancer a crab, it is almost guaranteed that these two will be instantly attracted. Just like the ocean, the Pisces man and the Cancer woman are unsteady and capricious. Because both live the same situation daily, they can understand each other and mutually support. Of course, a person with a different zodiac symbol wouldn’t be able to cope with their mood’s instability and random behavior. 

But do not be fooled, for this does not mean they act without thinking. In fact, they ponder their decisions multiple times before making a call. What makes things even more special is the fact that they regularly help each other with their crazy and unexpected ideas. The Pisces man and the Cancer woman are ridiculously complimentary when it comes to decision making, as their intuition never seems to be misguided. 

How is love?

The bedroom is, for most couples, a crucial step towards knowing whether they’re going in the right direction with their relationship or if, on the contrary, it’s a no-go. Fortunately, these two seem to be made for each other when it comes to intercourse. Why? Because they are both immensely generous with each other, as if pleasing their partner was their main priority. 

The Cancer woman might be a little shy when it comes to intimate moments, but soon enough, she will realize the Pisces man is someone who can be trusted with the gift of their body. With time, they will reach levels of pleasure they never thought they could achieve. Soon enough, this blind trust will roam to their daily life, making convivence as easy and enjoyable as it can get. 

Are there any drawbacks?

By now we all know there is no perfect relationship, and the Pisces-Cancer partnership is no exception. The biggest issue here is the confrontation between his introversion and her tendency to excessively express her feeling. Of course, she will expect the same from him, which can result a modicum annoying at first. To avoid any misunderstanding, the couple must talk about this issue right off the bat. The sooner the Pisces man lets her partner know he is not comfortable with talking about every single one of his feeling, the easier it will be for her to understand.

Should we go for it?

Few couples can function as perfectly as the Pisces-Cancer partnership. The fact that they can always trust each other makes it easier for them to live together and keep confrontations to a minimum. Because there are often no secrets between these two, they will always be there to help each other with their problems, no matter how embarrassing they might be. 

However, the Cancer woman must bear in mind that her partner might not always be open to sharing his feelings with her, and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, pushing it might lead to a tense moment you’ll both want to avoid. All in all, the Cancer woman and the Pisces man are bound to live happily ever after, as long as they want to. 

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