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Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan is a horoscope matching sysytem which is calculated based on 8 gunas. This system is being used from centuries. It plays vital role in marriage decisions. Even still today people in India are checking horoscope matching before they commit to the marriage. There are 36 poins in kundali matching system. Minimum 18 should be matched to say it is a good union. 

We have tried to give horoscope kundali matching for marriage for free. For now it has been provided in only english. But in future we will add Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil versions. 

How Kudali Milan is calculated?

Most of the calculations are based on Moon sign and Nakshatra. Moon sign means the placement of moon in Rasi at the time of birth. This is also called Rasi. That is why moon sign is very important in marriage. The below are the 8 Gunas and each guna has its own significance. 

Varna: There are 4 varnas in the system. They are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Shudra,Vaisya. The Boy's varna should be higher than girl's varna. If so then 1 point will be given. Otherwise it will get zero points. 

Vasya: This will tell whether one can influence other. There are five vasys. It is determined based on the Rasi. The maximum poing we can get from vasya is 2. Based on vasya combinations of both points will vary from 0 to 2.

Tara: This represents how fortunate they are after marriage. Total 3 poins will be given to this. The points calculation depends on janma nakshatra of both boy and girl. 

Yoni: Yoni signifies physical and sexual compatibility. Toatal maximum 4 points we can get from this. The yoni is represented in the name of animal and it can be determined by the janam nakshatra. Opposite animals are not good for marriage like mangoose and serpent, rat and cat ..etc.

Graha Maithri: This is to tell how affectionate they are after marriage. Rasi lords of bride & groom and their relation will be checked in this. Maximum 5 points can be given for this. Some planets have friendly relation ship and some have enemy relation ship. If rasi lords of both have friends then they get more points.

Gana: This represents the nature of a person.  Theare are three ganas namely Deva, Manava and Rakshasa. Compatibility will be good if they both belonged to same gana. Maximum 6 points will be alloted for this. 

Bhakoot: This represents overall health, welfare and prosperity of a family after marriage. This is important in marriage matching because of higher points given to this.  If the rasis are not compatible then we get 0 points. Total 7 points can be obtained from this. 

Nadi: This is another important guna in kundali matching. Because it is of total 8 points. if both belonged to same Nadi then they get 0 points. Otherwise 8 points will be given. 


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