Saturn mahadasha in Vedic Astrology



What are the effects of Saturn mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

Saturn mahadasha is a period of 19 years. Everybody thinks that Saturn is a bad or cruel planet. But in astrology there is no complete good or bad planet. According to their positions, these planets will give results. Saturn is a kind planet. Saturn gives results according to your past life karma. 

Saturn  gives very good results for those who have Aquarius or Capricorn as ascendants or signs. Because Saturn is the lord of these two houses.  Even if the saturn is in bad position, it cannot give bad results for these people. Because nobody spoil their own houses. But Saturn likes restriction, hard word, discipline and responsibilities. 

Saturn makes the person always to work hard and doing repetitive things. They can not find short cuts. Step by step process is the manthra for them. The results will always be delayed. These people face many difficulties, struggles at their work. But finally they will get sweet fruits. Saturn makes the person like a shining diamond after so many difficulties.

If the Saturn is well placed, during this mahadasha or period these people gets higher authority, good job, honor, higher social status. Saturn is also karaka of career. How good is our career depends upon the placement of Saturn. So during this period, they can get promotion or higher position than they are earlier. This planet also karaka of wealth. These people will be blessed with handful money. They can enjoy all comforts that comes from money.  This planet is also karaka of longevity.

Effects of Saturn mahadasha when it is well placed:

1) Saturn is a planet which can change our fate. It can give sudden upliftments. Even if the person was born in a normal family, during this mahadasha he will become rich and will be lucky.

2) During this period people will get royal government jobs or get success in their business related to iron, construction.

3) These people get money from multiple sources. But they can not save money. They are extravagant. They don't have any control over spending money.

4) They will get relief from their diseases and mental troubles.

5) if the vipareeta raja yoga is formed by Saturn, during this Saturn mahadasha the person will get lot of fruits. Even the bad luck turns into good luck. Will get sudden upliftments in an unusual manner.

6) Because saturn is also karaka of longevity, they can escape from accidents. They will win over enemies, litigation and court cases.

Effects of Saturn mahadasha when it is in bad position:

1) Saturn is the planet which shows reality in life. These people suffer from chronic diseases, lose money and will have worries and mental troubles.

2) They get opposition from their relatives and servants. They waste lot of time by simply doing nothing. They will be defeated by enemies.

3) Receive irrespect and insults from other people. Gives lots of frustration and will do boring things. 

4) During this mahadasha they may lose relatives or life partner suffer from diseases.

5) Loss in business and investments. Will get job of lower status or do labor work.

6) Will meet with accidents. Will have lot of responsibilities. They cannot have peace of mind. Everything will be stopped in the middle. 



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