Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility Answer It



Even the faintest knowledge of how the zodiac signs work will be enough to raise anyone’s eyebrow just thinking of the compatibility between a Pisces man and a Gemini woman. The most appropriate place to start this talk might just be by defining both characters separately and afterwards try to […]
The Gemini Woman is a nomadic life-force with a strong liking for adventure, meeting new people, exploring new places. The Pisces Man, on the other hand, has polar opposite taste and finds it hard to be in the same mindset as her and will find it even harder task to […]

Pisces man and Aries woman Compatibility Answer It



Aries wоmаn соmраtibilitу with other ѕignѕ fоr marriage or lоvе mаtсh is роѕitivе аnd intеrеѕting tо know. Whеn the Aries wоmаn is imрulѕivе, indереndеnt аnd dоminаting ѕhе is аlѕо vitаl аnd ѕtrоng. Bеing highly sensual bу nаturе thеу nееd a ѕtrоng mаn tо make her feel likе a woman. Aries […]
When it comes to Pisces men and Aries women it might give an impression that the matchmaking between a fish and the male sheep, which is the Aries, will only lead to distress. Then again, similar to any kind of questionable match up in astrology, it is up to the […]

Pisces man and Cancer woman Compatibility Answer It



Is there anything harder than finding one’s soulmate? Most people would say there isn’t…that is if you don’t know where to look. That’s right, believe it or not, we tend to overlook one fundamental aspect when seeking for our significant other: our zodiac signs. Opposed to common belief, you can […]
Both are water signs, which make the union between the Pisces man and the Cancer woman a natural one. The male fish and the female crab are fascinated by each other automatically, as she supports his goals and vision and he offers her constant stability. This natural union of Pisces […]

Pisces Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility Answer It



What do you get when you mix a Pisces and a Taurus together? Let’s find out. Pisces tend to be much more level headed when it comes to relationships. Clearly, being the astrological sign for the bull, Taureans tend to be much more hot headed and dramatic. Pisces are much […]
Taurus is ruled by Venus, Which is a planet of beauty and love. Hence a Taurus woman is bound to be attractive, soft, feminine and beautiful. When forced constantly or past her limit, it will make her wild with fury and then may God save the individual ,otherwise she will […]

Astrology by Date of Birth



Astrology is a planetary based system which is developed based on planets and their movements and placements. People have identified different behavioural patterns and gave different behaviours to different planetary. Associated these behaviours to different planets like Sun is for leadership qualities, Moon represents mind, Mars represents brothers, Mercury represents intelligence, Jupiter […]

Aries Horoscope Personality Traits



Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle; it lies between March 21st and April 20th, and the symbol is a ram. Fire governs this sign, and it defines a lot of the characteristics of the Aries man or woman. The Aries people have vigorous and powerful characteristics, and […]



name-karthik,DOB-11/12/81 ,time of birth-9.45pm

mithuna rashi,karka lagna ,mrigasira -III pada,

want to know If I can wear catsye as ketu is ins 7th place in my kundli causing lot of problems in love




what ever you bear , problem going to remain same, You just show trust on yourself and your love take blessing of your olders , things will starts become postive […]
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